Skyrim - ALL Dragon Priest Masks/Locations/What they do

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Title Skyrim - ALL Dragon Priest Masks/Locations/What they do
Description **PLEASE READ**

If you have ANY questions, then post them in the comments. I will try to tend to them quickly. :)

All 10 dragon priest masks in the game. Below youll find a description on every single one, and where to find it. I typed these out myself, from the official guide.

1. Volsung - Found in hold Haafingar, dungeon Volskygge.

2. Morokei - Found in hold Hjaalmarch, dungeon Labyrinthian. (associated quest - College of Winterhold Quest: The Staff of Magnus)

3. Vokun - Found in hold The Pale, dungeon High Gate Ruins. (associated quest - Dungeon Quest: A Scroll for Anska)

4. Krosis - Found in hold The Pale, dungeon Shearpoint.

5. Otar - Found in hold The Reach, dungeon Ragnvold. (associated quest - Dungeon Quest: Otars Mad Guardians*)

6. Hevnoraak - found in hold The Reach, dungeon Valthume. (associated quest - Dungeon Quest: Evil in Waiting)

7. Rahgot - found in hold The Rift, dungeon Forelhost. (associated quest - Dungeon Quest: Siege on the Dragon Cult)

8. Nahkriin - found inOther Realm, dungeon Skuldafn. (associated quest - Main Quest: The World-Eaters Eyrie)

9. Wooden Mask - found in hold Hjaalmarch, dungeon Labyrinthian.
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Recent Comments

Obey Cheese

I like the hevnoraak mask


I sold the krosis mask am I able to get it back at all

mike miller

Damnit you were supposed to tell us what they do.

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Obey Cheese

I like the hevnoraak mask


I sold the krosis mask am I able to get it back at all

mike miller

Damnit you were supposed to tell us what they do.


I think this is a big but I put a mask on an armor thing and I pulled it out and then there were two. Then I reloaded, did the same thing with ancient shrouded armor and got two again. so I kept playing and returned to see if it fixed it self but I found another. I went adventuring and eventually returned and found another. so this cycle went on and on and now currently I have about 60. Can anyone help?




Then, you. are. screwed.


then your screwed


You're kinda screwed...

marcel Davies

you cant get them back


Khonarik is more useful than some people think. If you don't play a busty tank, but rather archer, assassin/thief, or mage then Khonarik can save your life, especially during the last Alduin bossfight.

Gavin Ayen

what mod is this?


wht if you drop the wooden mask in the room 0_0

tony barajas

buy them back? 


When I first started out in skyrim, I found Vokun's mask first easily :D I was happier than a **** boy :D


Male armor often looks coolest, female armor often looks hottest... decisions, decisions.....


you're dumb... Unless it's an online game, you NEVER sale unique items.. never... ever... must I say more?


hey, buddy, yeah, no... you need Nahkriin mask in order to get Khonarik, it's not possible to get that mask before Alduin without mods/hacks/consolecommands


If the merchants stuff gets recycled its probilly gone for good it takes 3 days I think but some of them don't recycle lets hope that's your case :) For example some lady in the thieves guild her inventory never changes no matter how long

brandon pfefferle

or what happens if you killed nahkriin and left the mask, will th body still be there? will he respond? or can i load a saved game and place the mask and travel to my newest saved game and have it still be there?


You forgot one.. Theres one where you go to the past which would let you train all your skills with 10% more or sonething.. Its in the book I have .-.



Randy Merrill

Nothing. If you sell it and it's gone the next day you are basically **** ed.

parker messer


Matthew Warren

then you're a moron haha

Lazor Scout

Buy them back

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